Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
Well you know all my secrets already.  Yes, I've been sick this week.  This week was pretty hard and I'm kind of glad it's over.  Is that bad to say?  I can be honest right?  This way when you hear that I'm loving it you know I'm telling the truth, which has been almost every other week so far.
So last Monday I started to feel sick.  There's a house we go to pretty often because there are a few recent converts there and we also have an investigator there.  I think there may be mold there.  It smells awful and we feel sick every time we leave.  So I just assumed it was from that and went to bed.  I woke up on Tuesday sick, went to district meeting, got a blessing, went to a lesson and then crashed.  I went to a member's house and slept which my companions went out (benefits of a trio).  Then I went home and slept the rest of the night (I could do that because my landlady was home by then.  Wednesday I slept the whole day.  Yes, in one session I slept 19 hours straight.  I did go to the doctor's because Sister Miller wanted me to and it was sort of a waste of time.  Can you tell I didn't really like that doctor?  He was rude.
Thursday I was still feeling awful but I couldn't stay home anymore.  So I got ready and we went to the Jordan River Temple.  We had a mission conference all in white in the chapel and then did a session (the mission was divided in two for the session and luckily I was in the first because I wouldn't have lasted).  We then went back to the mission office and had lunch as a mission and then we had a final mission conference.  It was a really great day, but I was feeling awful.  I still learned a lot though and it was great to be in the temple as a mission.  At the end of the conference they announced transfers and nothing changed for me except a really exciting change in leadership!  I big weight was lifted off my shoulders when that was announced.  And then we went to work.  And I crashed and went home to sleep for the last hour.
Friday I woke up not so great but in time for weekly planning.  By this time Sister Wanlass was sick too and so the new zone leaders came over to give her a blessing.  We then had a great lesson with Claudia and then went to temple square with Luis and Luis!  And yes, I saw Sister Shipp!  And the rest of the Shipp family minus Heather.  It definitely wasn't a coincidence.  As we were on our way up there I was telling my companions that I felt like I just needed to see someone from home to get me though that day.  And boy did it lift my spirits.  Not to mention it was a fantastic lesson with Luis and Luis and the spirit was super strong.  
That night the zone leaders came over to give us Sudafed.  They won me over right then and there.  Seriously though.  Do you know one's from Denmark/ Hurricane, Utah?  Yep, he was actually called here and he's lived in Utah for the majority of his life.  Weird, right?  What a difference it makes when you feel like you're working together as a mission, leaders included.  Before it was like our leaders were there just to babysit us.  Now I feel like there's some trust.  There you go dad, I hope that wasn't a cliff hanger, but that's all I'm going to say.
Saturday was rough.  I was shaking and blacking out a lot and just plain dizzy.  But I made it through the whole day.  We had a zone meeting and I came with a card and ice cream for Hermana Leavitt for her birthday only to find out that she was transferred last minute!  What!?  It crushed me because we've been together since day one and I felt super alone all of a sudden.  But the zone meeting was good and our zone started a purification challenge, which meant we had a fast.  Longest fast of my life.  I almost passed out several times.  Sister Wanlass was really worried about my thyroid because she also has thyroid problems except worse because she's allergic to synthroid.  
Sunday was pretty much the same.  And then we went to the worldwide broadcast and I was kind of in and out.  And then it dawned on me, personal revelation, "I'm dehydrated!"  It's not my thyroid at all!  Because I also had the worse headache of my life.  And then I was happier.  Broadcast ended and President and Sister Miller spoke to us for the final time.  I was doing great with not crying and then President asked us to sing "God be with you till we meet again."  And I almost lost it when I saw President crying during the last verse, but I sill held it together.  Then we went individually to them to say goodbye and to hug.  I hugged them and then they told me the news... "You won't be here very much longer"  What?  "Ya, you leave July 1 and only with Elder Lopez, Sister Leavitt hasn't gotten her visa yet."  What?  And then the tears started.  It was rough.  And I had to say goodbye to Sister Leavitt at the same time.  It was hard.  And by the time we got back to our area, it was time to do numbers and plan.  
So now I know when I'm leaving and this is my last p-day in Utah.  I'm excited but really sad to leave at the same time.  I'm praying that Luis and Luis's baptism really does happen this weekend.  Also, that Sister Leavitt has a miracle and leaves soon.
Hermana Borup

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