Monday, June 3, 2013

 The difference between agua natural, agua, and jugo

Dear Family and Friends,
I love it here!!!  This week was probably the best week I've had so far on my mission.  It was an emotional roller coaster for sure, but it was great.
It started off with a pretty great district meeting and we found two new investigators on tuesday! Their names are Sheyla and Kayla and they are 15 and 9.  We met with the mom finally on friday and she will be a new investigator too when we can find a time to teach her.  So that was the first miracle and they will be baptized as soon as the parents are on board with it.  They live with one of our ward missionaries. 
Wednesday we had to go to a training because Sister Danielson is still training.  But it was good and I actually raised my hand and participated!  I was called Sister Leavitt (who wasn't even there) about 5 times, but that's alright.  I also had to lead the music which I've had to do quite a bit because they just assume I know how because I'm from Utah.  Yes, I sing all the time now and I lead music.  I've changed.
Thursday and Friday were alright.  We found another new investigator named Claudia who is the mom of two new members.  We've had amazing success this week because we've changed our focus on service.  We just go about serving and we've gotten into so many doors because of it.  It's amazing!  All these people are prepared, we just have to resolve certain concerns (mainly church attendance) first.  We also taught Luis and Luis and we've had several lessons with Adan and Josefina and we see Estevan everyday.  But I'll get to that later.
Saturday we had an exchange with the sister training leaders.  Sister Bingham came to our area and Sister Danielson went to the other area.  We found another investigator, Lorena!  We also found like 15 strong strong potentials that we have appointments with this week.  
Sunday Luis and Luis came to church again!  And Estevan fasted and bore his testimony!  It was amazing!  I also had to teach gospel principles spur of the moment because Sister Wanlass had an emergency with a member.  That was intense.
I had a very humbling, hard experience this week and I'm worried it will completely change me.  I've been praying hard though and I just keep remembering Moroni and how the Lord told him that he will make weak things become strong.  Sometimes I feel emotionally drained and inadequate, but I know I'm where I need to be.  Yes, I've had problems, but I'm working on them and that's one of the best things about being on a mission.  As you focus on others, you forget your problems and your testimony increases.  
Funny experience for the week: We were at a potential's house and she was skyping her family in Peru.  We came into the picture and her brothers started cat calling at us.  It was super awkward especially because I'm the only one that really understood exactly what they were saying.  
Another one:  We were OYMing a white man on the street and at the end he reached out to give Sister Wanlass a hug and she thought he was pointing somewhere and she was super confused.  I jumped in and told him we weren't allowed to hug and Sister Wanlass turned bright red.  Fun, fun guy.
So I love my companions!  We have so much fun together and the work is moving forward to the point where we go on splits with members to cover it all.  Amazing things are happening in this area!  And both of their stories blew me away.  I love being a missionary!

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