Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
I apologize for not explaining my subject line last week.  In the spanish culture, if you ask for water they give you juice.  If you ask for jugo they give you super concentrated juice.  So I've learned to ask for agua natural.  
This week was insane.  It was another roller coaster of emotions.  We had our good moments, probably the best on my mission so far, and our not so good moments.
We found 3 new investigators this week.  Henry is the husband of a less active and Giraldo is a father of three of the cutest girls ever.  And Maria recently lost her husband and is somewhat interested, but not really.  We're meeting tomorrow and we'll see how that goes.
Luis and Luis accepted a baptismal date for the 29th of June yesterday after church.  This weekend they went with the branch for a fathers and sons camp out.  They're doing really well.  But any extra prayers for them would be nice.  They're still a little hesitant because they don't want to be pushed.  But that makes three investigators who are progressing towards baptism and 6 that are not right now but will be soon.  This area is amazing.  I love it here and we taught 27 lessons this last week!  I love teaching.  
So I really want to talk about Marta.  Last sunday our ward mission leader introduced her to us and she just lost her son.  We tried going over to her house on sunday, but she wasn't home.  We went later that day, walked in, I got a call from president and let's just say we didn't go back that night.  We went back on wednesday and she was just staring at her plate of food.  So the grandma and the sister were talking to us and we started to sing a hymn.  Marta started to bawl.  And we shared a quick message and then gave her a hug and left.  We've been there every day since.  Saturday we went there first thing after studies and she told us that we were an answer to her prayers that day we first came over.  The experience was probably the most powerful I've had on my mission.  Right after our lesson, she came with us to two other lessons and bore her testimony on prayer.  She's been through the temple before so she wants to get back and go on a mission.  She's amazing.
We had to drop Adan and Josefina this week and it was rough.  They started crying and I was so sad.  It's amazing how fast you grow to love the people you meet.  I wish we never had to drop anyone and we never had to be transferred, but that can't happen unfortunately.
So life's grand.  It's hot and I'm tired all the time and I wish my mood would be consistent and I'm gaining weight, but I've never been happier.  
If you could send me some b-12 pills that would be great.  Also, I love homemade or store-bought.  But some no show socks would be greatly appreciated.  
Funny story of the week (sorry it doesn't have to do with missionary work): Last p-day we were having a really rough day because we just had to drive a lot and we couldn't do anything stress relieving or relaxing.  So we're waiting for our district leader to give us mail and all of a sudden we're at a bowling alley with our district.  And I dominated and the Elders were terribly embarrassed.  The second game I finished at 144 and one Elder (kind of an interesting guy) came up to me and told me that he's gonna try and beat me, but it's fine if I win.  "Don't worry, I'll try my hardest, but it's ok if you beat me, just to let you know."  I guess you'd have to know him to think that's funny but it was and I almost laughed in his face.  He barely got over 100.
Hermana Borup

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