Monday, June 17, 2013

June, time for Spanish BBQ's
Dear Family and Friends,
This week was both excellent and horrible.  Let me explain something first.  Do you remember our old car trips?  When we were little and we just couldn't seem to get along in the car?  Why was that?  I've thought a lot about it lately and I realized that an extended amount of time in limited space with anyone is bad news.  It's not that you don't like everyone else in the car, but sometimes you just need your space to breathe.  Now on spanish assignment we cover two stakes, both of which are covered by english elders, one is the stake of our district leader, and the other is the stake of our zone leaders.  We got three calls this week because the zone leaders noticed our car in a certain spot and were wondering how long we had been there.  Yep.  I need space.  They drive past our house on purpose to just check up on us.  And you wonder why I'm having trouble with leadership in this new area?  I love them though.  They're good, just in our faces a lot.
So on Wednesday of this week we went to our last training for Hermana Danielson.  It was also President Miller's last training and it was pretty special.  After he took his time, the AP's started to train on contacting people in the streets (OYMing) and President took over again and quizzed us all on the articles of faith.  I was super excited because he got to me at the same time he got to number 6 which is the only one I really know.  Unfortunately he got back to me on number 12 and was in my face as I shouted it at him with the help of Hermana Wanlass.  I'll miss President.  But now I know I need to refresh myself on those.  
Thursday we had a great day and Claudia accepted a baptismal date for July 13!  Except she works at Walmart and she works during church and you can only possibly change your schedule once every month so she has to wait and see if she can change her schedule this next week.  Any prayers would be very helpful.  But she has a really strong testimony.  She just needs to be at church, which is frustrating because she knows that and that's where she wants to be. 
Friday Elder and Sister Cook came to our mission!  It was amazing!  I got to shake their hands and I think I was super red from excitement.  Yes, there are definitely some great benefits of being part of this mission.  This is the second apostle in about 2 months!  But something he said about this mission in particular really stood out to me.  There's a reason why the pressure is on the missions in the valley, why there's so much added pressure from President Miller, and our other leaders.  Basically this is where the Lord needs me and he's preparing me in a way that I couldn't have been prepared in Argentina.  I felt that strongly while he was speaking.  Even though it's hard to still be in Utah, I'm so grateful to be here.  I know this is where I need to be for the time being.  One day I will be able to explain all that's going on, but I can't right now.
After the mission conference we had an amazing lesson with Luis and Luis.  We had it by the baptismal font and we discovered that they are actually more solid on their baptismal date than we thought!  They came to church on sunday in ties!  And so did Estevan!  They were all commenting on how it took them forever to learn how to knot it.  
Then we had a little activity at the church for father's day and Estevan's dad came so we got to have a lesson with him as well.  I love my life!  These people are too good to us.  Estevan's basically a member already but he has to wait even longer now to be baptized for legal issues and he still keeps that positive outlook.  He teaches us so much every time we meet with him.  I wish others could be as great of a missionary as he is.  
Basically we've had so many BBQ's in the last two weeks and carne asada that I think I'm going to explode!  Stop feeding me!  Please!  All I want is grapefruit for dinner and mom's goods for dessert.  But since Hermana Wanlass loves running and hates zone workouts, we've been running a lot more and so I don't feel sooo bad.  Gross, but not horrible.  
Funny story, there's a less active that we've been sort of working with named Luis (I know, another Luis) and he's kind of... sensitive would be the word.  He went on for 40 minutes about why he's not active anymore without stopping to take a break!  It was horrible!  We couldn't cut him off because he would talk over us.  And at the end he gave Hermana Wanlass a hug.  Hahahaha she seems to always attract those.  I give a very "hand shake only" vibe I guess.  Good thing too because the only hugs I will accept from males are very awkward ones from President.  The way it should be.
Hermana Borup

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