Tuesday, May 21, 2013

 A Near Death experience
Dear Family and Friends,
So I'm gonna start out on the good news because this week was quite the week.  First off, Zach's still on date to be baptized on the 8th of June!!!  Wahoo!!!  He's basically fantastic.  I love him.  We have another appointment with him and his mom tonight and his mom's boyfriend will be there with his little girl who's also 9 and not baptized.  
Lisa's baptism on Monday went great, despite all the drama leading up to it.  Her fellowshipper family said that we saved it.  Really all we did was make a billion calls and stress but oh well, I'll take the credit.  The family's not too happy and called President Miller to report on the Elders.  All we did at the baptism was bare our testimonies, which was somewhat weird because we didn't know her at all.  It wasn't personal and not for her, but just a simple testimony.
We picked up a new investigator this week and his wife will be one this coming week.  They are the couple that just moved here from Nevada and and the nicest people I have ever met.  He thinks we're angels.  He told us that he's not a good candidate to join our church because he's 60 and pretty set in his ways but as we started to teach him, he told us at the end that the little kid inside of him was being drawn in.  So that was an excellent evening and they want to feed us too.  Which was great at that time because we didn't have dinner appointments all week and we were running out of food.
We got to go to the temple on thursday!  It was fantastic!  I love the temple and I wish we can go more often, but I got to go twice this transfer, so I really shouldn't be complaining.  One of the elders in my district was super sick but he still made it.
So this week...  wow.  Wednesday we had training, and ya.  I just am not a huge fan of training.  It was good but the role playing was ugh.  Then on friday at weekly planning I got a little frustrated but we had our first real good comp inventory and fixed those problems.  But I also got a bad flat on friday.  We dropped the bike off at a family that we love's house and they fixed it for me.  In the meantime we were on foot, in the pouring rain.  It wasn't that fun.  Then on saturday I woke up with a huge headache and I was exhausted.  Sister Hodgson was sort of understanding but she was still getting frustrated with me.  I slept during language study and also lunch.  But then I took an excedrin and felt a lot better.  That night we got a call from a lady in the other sister's area and she invited us to dinner.  So we went with her and met the sisters at Village Inn.  While we were coming home we almost died.  Really though.  We almost got in a bad accident that would have killed sister hodgson and I.  But we're safe.  And then we were both sick to our stomachs the rest of the night.  Ya saturday and friday weren't the best.  Sunday was good though.
This morning I had a bad allergic reaction and I took benadryl that took me out.  Ya... I'm still kind of out of it.  But I'm happy and if it stops raining, we get to go hiking today!

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